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Alpine style
Navigation systems special for Audi A4, A5, Q5, Mercedes GL, ML, Vito, Viano, Sprinter, Seat, Skoda Octavia, Volkswagen Golf 6 / 7 and for others ...
Multimedia and navigation
The most advanced navigation systems and exclusive Alpine sound quality in your car. Players are fully compatible with the latest smart phones.
Vehicle audio equipment
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Neoline X-COP
Hybrid video recorders with GPS database and radar detector.
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Brand: Philips Model: 11972XUWX2
H7 PHILIPS X-treme Ultion LED GEN2 bulb set 11972XUWX2. Original PHILIPS LED bulbs instead of halogen bulbs. Lumileds LUXEON Altilon SMD. X-treme Ulti..
Ex Tax:123.14€
Brand: Osram Model: 67211CW
OSRAM HL LEDriving GEN2 67211CW PGJ19-2 Dbulb set for mounting on headlights. LED bulbs are suitable instead of H11 headlights and fog lights. Recomme..
Ex Tax:65.29€
Brand: Osram Model: 67210CW
OSRAM HL LEDriving GEN2 67210CW PX26D bulb set for mounting on headlights.LED bulbs are suitable instead of headlights and fog lights. Recommended whe..
Ex Tax:65.29€
The ZES MINI CAN-BUS LED bulb set is designed for mounting on headlights. The product uses German "ZES CSP" diodes. Recommended when there is a lack o..
Ex Tax:41.32€
Brand: NavLinkz Model: nav-vol-rti
The interface allows to connect a rear-view camera and two additional video-sources (e.g. DVD-player, DVB-T tuner, ...) to the factory-infotainment sy..
Ex Tax:289.26€
AMPIRE AMX090-HD – 9 colių sėdynės atlošų monitorių komplektas AMPIRE AMX090-HD – 9 colių sėdynės atlošų monitorių komplektas
Sale !!! Sold out
Brand: AMPIRE Model: AMX090-HD
Dviejų didelės skiriamosios gebos, juodos matinės spalvos, 9 colių (23 cm) monitorių montuojamų automobilio sėdynės galvos atramose rinkinys. Ekranai ..
300.00€ 399.00€
Ex Tax:247.93€
Neoline X-COP 8700S police radar detector Neoline X-COP 8700S police radar detector
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Brand: Neoline Model: X-COP 8700S
The Neoline X-COP 8700S is a new stylish radar detector featuring a new, highly sensitive K and Ka band EXD Plus module for detecting the Multa Radar ..
298.00€ 369.00€
Ex Tax:246.28€
ALPINE IVE-W560BT - 2-DIN multimedija su radiju, Bluetooth, USB ir DVD/CD grotuvu ALPINE IVE-W560BT - 2-DIN multimedija su radiju, Bluetooth, USB ir DVD/CD grotuvu
Sale !!! Sold out
Brand: ALPINE Model: IVE-560BT
Pilnas multimedijos paketas už patrauklią kainą. Šis grotuvas pasižymi puikiu skambesiu bei plačiu multimedijos suderinamumu ir visa tai už labai pat..
380.00€ 399.00€
Ex Tax:314.05€
CFE Plus – Volvo Canbus-Function-Extender
Sale !!! Sold out
Brand: VolvoTech Model: BE512
OUT OF STOCKAdds new functions to, - and automates functions in a Volvo without making any changes to the Volvo! How does it work ? The CFE ..
220.00€ 285.00€
Ex Tax:181.82€
Neoline HYBRID X-COP 9000 - vaizdo registratorius su radarų detektorium Neoline HYBRID X-COP 9000 - vaizdo registratorius su radarų detektorium
Sale !!! Sold out
Brand: Neoline Model: X-COP 9000
Radaro detektorius-Vaizdo registratorius Neoline HYBRID X-COP 9000 +32GB kortelė dovanų. Specifikacija: Aptinkami visi policijos radarų tipai - kadž..
210.00€ 259.00€
Ex Tax:173.55€
Brand: GROM AUDIO Model: USB3
USB Connection: GROM-USB3 car stereo adapter connects your USB 2.0 device such as flash drive, external hard drive or mass storage device to the stock..
Ex Tax:136.36€
Brand: AMPIRE Model: BTR200
AMPIRE BTR200 - Bluetooth receiver with aux connection and power UP feature. The connected receiver allows you to stream audio tracks from connected ..
Ex Tax:40.50€
Brand: HM alarm Model: HDM-alarm
Ultra-wide system applications: any opening parts in open areas for protection and monitoring. The system can be connected to any monitoring system o..
Ex Tax:123.97€
Brand: GROM AUDIO Model: VLine
VLine Infotainment System is a smart computer that connects to the back of your Lexus stereo and fully integrates into Lexus infotainment system and d..
Ex Tax:570.25€
Brand: GROM AUDIO Model: BT3
The system comes with built-in Bluetooth and microphone. GROM-BT3 module has two extension ports that can be used for aux-in and iPod or iPhone integr..
Ex Tax:119.83€