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CFE Plus – Volvo Canbus-Function-Extender

CFE Plus – Volvo Canbus-Function-Extender
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CFE Plus – Volvo Canbus-Function-Extender
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  • Brand: VolvoTech
  • Model: BE512
  • Weight: 0.20kg
  • Dimensions: 60.00cm x 40.00cm x 20.00cm
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Adds new functions to, - and automates functions in a Volvo without making any changes to the Volvo!

How does it work ?

  • The CFE Plus (Unit) needs configuration to make sure the Unit knows what Volvo it is going to be used in and what and how functions should work.
  • This configuration is performed with the updater software (License included, directly available after purchase), installed and run on a PC with at least Windows 8.
  • The Unit needs to be connected to the PC with a Configuration and USB cable (Both supplied in the set).
  • Once you finalized the configuration and all functions are setup with the desired options; the CFE Plus can be connected to your Volvo.
  • The Unit connects to the Can-busses (Networks) in your Volvo and acts like an additional ECU (Computer).

To avoid possible mistakes in configuration, the Unit starts an "Initialization" after first Ignition (Made visible to the user by enabling the blue high-beam light in the dashboard while the initialization process is going on) and tries to match the made configuration with the actual Volvo.

If all matches the Initialization will finish and the Unit is ready for operation.

Now the CFE Plus is ready to perform its tasks.

For example; if you lock your Volvo with the key-fob, the CFE Plus will notice this on the Canbus and decide to close the windows for you.

Important note:

  • For P2 (S60/V70/XC70/S80/XC90) up to and including model-year 2004, installation of the connection (See options on the right side of this page) harness is required.
  • All other supported models/model-years will allow a direct plug-and-play connection into the OBD Port (Onboard Diagnostic Port) of your Volvo.

Set contents:

  • CFE Plus unit (Hardware unit, ECU)
  • Configuration cable (Cable to connect the CFE Plus to the USB cable)
  • USB cable (Cable to connect the configuration cable to a Windows PC)
  • Configuration Tool software license (Configuration software for making settings in the CFE Plus; directly available for download after purchase)
  • Firmware license (Firmware contains the 'logic'; directly available for download after purchase)


  • Manual Connection harness (Only required for MY2001 - 2004, optional for any other model-year, for example if you need a 2nd OBD2 Port)
  • Reverse camera set (For P3 only, full set, all required for installation included)

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